Guess Who's Back...Back Again...

YOU GUYS. All Eminem references aside, I am finally coming up for air and plan to start posting again!

I've missed you. Like, a lot. It was a little bit like a break-up. You know how, after you break up with someone, you see something in the news or on your facebook feed or at the mall and you're like - OH, MY EX WOULD LOVE THIS I HAVE TO SEND IT RIGHT NOW! But then you think - oh. I can't share it with him/her. We haven't talked since I ugly cried in his car and made that bitchy comment about how he should date his dog. 

Anyway, I've been feeling the same. So many things happening in my life and happening in the world right now that I want to discuss with you all. But I'm still figuring out this parenting/working/balance thing. And I recognize that there really is nothing to figure it out - it's really just a matter of prioritizing what you do when the baby is asleep.  For the past four months, eating and sleeping have won. But I'm trying desperately to replace eating with writing - we will see if it works!

My goal is to publish blogs at least twice a week and update my instagram once a day. Give me a little more time to establish my routine, and then I can tell you which days specifically I plan on publishing. I mean, I've never been a person you can set your clock by (cue husband and coworkers rolling their eyes at how LATE I am all the time), but I am going to try!

So anyway. I wanted to apologize - not for ugly crying and bitchy comments about your dog, but for taking such a long break. Thank you for bearing with me. I will do my darnedest to not let that happen again!

Also, remember this song and this video? Talk about #TBT!