How Ya Doing With Those Resolutions, Eh?

It's been a little over a month since 2016 began! 39 days since we made these huge grandiose plans and resolutions to make this year the best one yet. Studies show that a third of all resolution-makers break their resolutions a month or less into the new year (learn more about that and other fun resolution-related statistics here).  So how is it going for you? 

It's pretty obvious I'm having trouble with the blog posting resolution. I broke that one on, like, week two. But you've all been so patient with me. Thank you for not publicly shaming me or forgetting about me (and yet, also, thank you for my friends that have shamed me in person and told me to write more. That's important too!).

I swear I'm not a Total Loss. I am working hard on my resolutions, but the writing piece just hasn't fallen into place yet.  Here are the resolutions I am keeping:

  • eating well and exercising (I've lost six pounds! And the morning yoga makes me feel SO good!)
  • reading more (I'm actually going to be able to contribute at this month's book club!)
  • spending quality time with Brandon and Jack (insert heart-eyed emoji here like 32 times)
  • not over-planning my weekends 
  • watching more movies

And that is all going just swimmingly. So hooray for all of that. Hooray for succeeding on most of my resolutions, if not all!

I'm trying to address this lack of writing head on. I'm not just idly hoping it will get better ("Oh la dee da, maybe next week I'll have loads of time and be able to write!" Like that has ever happened to anyone ever.).

I'm actively trying to change things. This weekend I got away to a coffee shop for some wonderful writing (and alone!) time. My darling husband is happy to let me go so he has alone time with Jack. I just need to take him up on it more, I guess! And I need to make an effort to write one to two evenings a week...even if I'm bone-tired and my to-do list seems insurmountable. No excuses! Stop prioritizing other things! Writing is just as important as changing the sheets! 

Anyway. I hope your resolutions are going ok, and please don't give up hope if you had a less than stellar month on some of them. You still have eleven more months to totally kill it! Then by the law of averages, you will have basically erased your inconsistencies in January. Just take ten minutes today to sit down, think about that resolution, and make a plan for how you will start to incorporate it into your life, a tiny bit at a time. Just itty bitty baby bites. 

See you back here soon, I hope! Cuz that means I'm taking my own advice! 


My resolutioning may be inconsistent, but it's delicious.

My resolutioning may be inconsistent, but it's delicious.