The Ultimate Resolution

Probably eight years ago now, my dear friends Christian, Margaret, Ivana, and I did the Artist's Way together. Do you know about the Artist's Way? It's Julia Cameron's 12 step program to finding and harnessing your inner artist. It's delightfully hippy dippy, totally cheesy, and most importantly, it provides just the right number of emotionally cathartic moments to leave you feeling honest and renewed.

We LOVED it. We met every Friday morning in the cafeteria of DreamWorks Animation, where we poured over our morning pages and verbalized our deepest fears and shared our insights on our true selves and supported each other's personal triumphs and, in general, schemed on how to become That Intangible Perfect Thing We Wanted to Be.

Since then, Christian, Margaret, and I looked at each other as our spiritual and artistic guidance group. We would get together every January to talk about what was on our minds, identify our resolutions, and set true intentions for the year. More often than not, these important decisions fell by the wayside within a month. However, it was deeply calming and reassuring to have this group help me to identify my path for the year.

We haven't been able to get together the last couple years, as Margaret moved to Germany, and recently Christian moved to Spain. But it's OK because that last resolution making session resulted in the Ultimate Resolution, one that all of us still look to and strive for each year (and each day).

And that Ultimate Resolution is...

Simplify and Elevate.

Isn't that just divine? Isn't it totally perfect? Two perfect tiny goals. Simplify your life, your to do list, that problem right in front of you, your weekend plans. Elevate what is truly important, like time with your kids, time to create, time to yourself.

Don't waste energy on the bullshit. Focus on what's important, and let go of the rest.

It's the Ultimate Resolution! And although I still like to sit down and create my resolution "to do" list, in which I spell out the specific goals and life changes I have in mind, I now know what I'm shooting for. Always.

To Simplify and Elevate.

Let's do this, 2016!

PS. I love and miss you, Christian, Margaret, and Ivana!

My aloe knows what's up.

My aloe knows what's up.