Pre-MLK Weekend Bits & Bobs

Hello, friends. This week founds us down two British cultural legends and up one badass State of the Union. My goodness, what a tumultuous week! So many feelings!

Here's some good stuff from various corners of the internet to take your mind off all your emotions.

  • Did you hear about how JLaw described her personal style as "slutty power lesbian"? I think some people took offense to this, but in general I think the world loved this badass, honest, totally surprising answer (also check out The Slate's deep dive into the media representation of "slutty power lesbians" and what/who they think Jennifer was going for.)
  • I don't know if you are familiar with the hilarious comic Lauren Lapkus, but my husband showed me this series of hilarious anti-impressions she did, and I mega LOLed. Lauren Lakpus for president.
  • This McSweeney's list of Women Facts is everything.
  • Rashida Jones has a new single "Flip and Rewind", but more importantly, she has made the video into an homage to the 90s. Her wardrobe is FIERCE. Also, I honestly can't tell how serious this single is supposed to be. Is Rashida Jones looking to be a musician too? Or is it just an excuse to make this sweet video? Does anyone know?
Zack Morris called and he wants his rolled-up blazer back (also, can I get one too?).

Zack Morris called and he wants his rolled-up blazer back (also, can I get one too?).

  • How to make garlic sauce, like the yummy life changing kind found at Zankou Chicken. YES IT'S TRUE YOU'RE WELCOME.
  • This is the right answer to any sad email you receive. I know because I sent a sad email at work and someone sent this back and it was perfect.
  • And lastly, please enjoy this David Bowie homage by Flight of the Conchords. Let's continue to find ways to honor this person who broke open our minds and provided the soundtrack to such important moments in our lives. 

Will write more soon! Love to you on the eve of this long weekend!