Staying Positive in 2017

Back in early 2014, I started That's An Affirmative as a way to counteract how down I was getting about our issues with fertility. Focusing on positive thoughts, quotations, and anecdotes helped me raise my spirits, maintain my sense of humor, and basically remind me daily how lucky I am in SO many other ways. It evolved into a place for me to share my thoughts on motherhood, womanhood, and the portrayal of women in media (You guys, it turns out I have a lot of feelings).

It really helped!

Fast forward three years. Now it's not just me. Now we're all depressed.

The election of President Trump has made my more personal concerns with fertility, women's rights, and overall human rights a very real and public concern. Like many of you, I'm struggling to figure out what I can do to make a difference.

In addition to calling my senators and donating to as many organizations as we can afford, I turn to writing and sharing affirmations. While I don't know how often I can post personal essays, I am committing to sharing daily words of wisdom on the blog and IG to all of you from all the smarties that came before us.  

I know it won't fix everything. I know it won't fix anything. And I'm not trying to sugarcoat what's happening.

It's about finding the words, the ideas, and the messages that will inspire us and help us to move forward.

I hope you enjoy, my dear ones!