Where I Intended To Be

I'm at my dad's cottage in upper Michigan for the week. It's glorious.

I'm here with my siblings and their significant others, my husband's brother (who happens to live nearby), and my adorable niece. All we do all day is swim, boat, eat, sleep, and lay about in our bathing suits. Oh, and play games. And drink. Of course. 

Vacation is the best. I just said that out loud and my husband said with a laugh, "Obviously. You're not working." And he's right - of course it's nice to not wake up to an alarm and not check your email and not be responsible for a few days. But vacation is about so much more than the nots! It's about spending time with the people you want to spend time with. It's about allowing yourself to do the things you want to do. It's about backing away from the day-in-day-out drudgery and assessing what's actually important. 

I just read this quote from Douglas Adams, and I realized that this is why I love vacations - because you get to reevaluate what you're doing. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be with? What do you want to spend your time on? It's so important to check in with yourself once in a while and make sure you're doing it! 

Pictured: my dad's boat on beautiful Duck Lake.

I'm at a point right now in my life that I'm not sure if I'm going where I intended to go. But days like today remind me that I'm right where I intended to be - with my family, in the great outdoors, doing the things I love to do (including writing on this fun blog to all of you). This is what I want, this is what's important in my life, and I need to make sure I do everything I can, on a daily basis, to keep this a constant. Sure sure, every day can't be a vacation day, but every day can have elements of a vacation day. And the seeds I sow on a work day can lend themselves to a fruitful vacation day (as referenced in my last post...see what I did there?).

Are you where you intended to be? If not, get there! You can do it!