Adventure is Out There!

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. Returning to Michigan for a wonderful adventure in the woods with my family (my mom's side this time).

As much as I love living in Los Angeles, it's always thrilling to get outside of the city and remind yourself what else is out there! In this case, I'll be reminding myself of fresh water lakes, dogs running off leash, fireflies, my mom's home cooking, and mosquitoes (oh, mosquitoes...).

In addition to Helen Keller's sage advice above, check out this snippet from the beginning of UP where Ellie talks about all the adventures she wants to take:

(That's not even the sad part and it still chokes me up!)

Besides the fact that I am thoroughly delighted these two little kids find each other, I'm just overwhelmed by Ellie's enthusiasm for life. What an infectious spirit! And at the end of the movie, the lesson Ellie gives us is that life isn't just about the big adventures (like her South American jaunt she describes) - it's about the daily adventures too. The kind she shares with her best friend and partner.

What a lovely and interpretive way to look at the word adventure! What a great reminder that we don't have to get on a plane or hike to the top of a volcano or ride down the Amazon in a canoe to feel adventurous. We can have adventures anywhere. I'd like to think this is what Helen Keller's quote is about as well. After all, every day must have been an adventure to her. Every day must have been full of challenges...and excitement too!

Don't get me wrong...I'm still looking forward to my family (and mosquito) filled trip away from LA. I'm still in love with adventures outside of this city.

But I've got to remember to keep this adventurous spirit in mind, even when I'm here, living the day to day!