Digging. Literally and Figuratively.

I planted garlic and I'm itching to see if it's ready. I know that it's most assuredly not ready, but every time I look at my garden box, I'm like - oh come on, what would it hurt to just dig around a little and check on it? It's calling to me, the way drugs call to wayward teens in afterschool specials. I gotta stick this out! Pulling it up too early would obviously result in half-grown inedible garlic. And then I will have wasted all the time I've invested in watering and caring for it.

I have basically been thinking about this quote in relation all areas of my life because I'm feeling like I need a change...but I can't decide if I'm needing a change because I need to spread my wings and try new things or because I'm having a moment of doubt. Do I shine on a little longer, having faith that this too shall pass and I'll end up in a better place? Or do I pull the plug and change it up?

Of course it's different for every scenario! And every person. And I'm not advocating staying in a situation you don't like. But it is worth taking a moment to pause and reflect - do I want to change this simply because I'm committed (and that's scary)...and I'm having a moment of doubt...and it feels like I won't see results for forever? 

Because it's amazing how easy it is to change or quit or switch up when we're smack in the middle of things. When we can't see the beginning or the end, we don't feel very good. No matter what the scenario.

So...along with my garlic...I'm going to try to take a moment today...breathe...and not overreact and dig everything up I've planted over the last few years. 

Otherwise I'm gonna look like this:

Dirt Dirty animated GIF