I Believe The Children Are Our Future

There's a beautiful little garden in Pasadena called Arlington Gardens - it's absolutely wonderful! It's a "water-wise" garden full of succulents and Mediterranean-friendly foliage, as well as lots of little sitting areas and a bocce court that make you feel like you're sipping your wine in Italy, not 100 yards from a highway.

We took my visiting brother and sister-in-law recently for happy hour - bocce, wine, and a gorgeous sunset. Post game, we potted around, checking out the beautiful foliage native to California (even prettier when you're a little tipsy). That's when we stumbled across these lovely notecards:

Mateo's wish for humanity - hanging at Arlington Gardens in Pasadena.

Apparently an elementary class had come out to visit the gardens and were asked to tie on their wishes for the world. Aren't they just unbelievably perfect?

I've obviously never met these kids, but I love to picture them visiting the gardens and getting a tour from a sweet old volunteer docent...maybe even bringing their lunch and eating it clustered in little groups at the amphitheater...hopefully they got to play a little bocce after lunch, or at the very least, hide and go seek...then the teacher had to calm them all down again...sitting them down with their notecards and sharpies to write about how nature makes them feel and how we can make the world a better place...and then each of them picking out exactly where they wanted their card to hang...

Kaj keeps it simple but sincere.
I hope the kids had a terrific day at the gardens. They certainly made my day so much better. You know I'm always on the hunt for good positive affirmations, and here were about 20 of them, literally hanging right in front of my face.  I'll leave you with my favorite from Hanami:

My favorite, from Hanami.

Let us all "love the ocean as heart. For LOVE!"

For more information on Arlington Gardens, check out their website here