LA Artist Curated Drinking Recs

Well, this is fun!

For all you Los Angelenos that love art and boozing, Kyle Fitzpatrick has created the most amazing thing - a map of LA artists' favorite bars and restaurants!

Check out LAIY's interactive version of this map here.

On his art, design, and culture website, Los Angeles, I'm Yours, Kyle often interviews Los Angeles-based artists and taste-makers, ranging from Hello Giggles creator Sophia Rossi to world-renowned artist Tim Biskup. The in-depth, photo-filled interviews are reason enough to check out LAIY, but the real icing on the cake is Kyle's compilation of everyone's choice places to drink.

While my image above is just a screengrab, Kyle's is an interactive map featuring artists' photos as pinpoints at their favorite local hangouts. Click on the artist's photo, and a paragraph pops up with the name of the artist, the bar or restaurant in question, and some information on why the artist loves it so much. There's also a link to the full interview with each artist, so prepare to go down that rabbit hole as you peruse (I have so many tabs open right now on my computer, it's ridiculous).

Who knew that Gary Baseman loves Dominick's? Or that Travis Holcombe prefers Los Globos? I'm hoping I run into Tim Biskup at Verdugo Bar.

This map is like LA's own lovingly curated, high brow version of Yelp. I love it!

PS. Kyle made a map for dogs too! Adorbs.