Looking for Magic

Last night we were downtown for a birthday dinner with a friend, and we were milling about outside Baco Mercat waiting to be seated. (Side note - Baco Mercat may be my favorite restaurant in LA right now. It's delicious and delightful!)

And I looked up and saw the most glorious parking garage I've ever seen!

Outside Baco Mercat on Main in DTLA.
I know this picture doesn't entirely capture the beauty of a multi-story building covered in beautiful blue Christmas lights. I obviously need to get an Iphone 5, so I don't miss out on sharing such pretty things with you guys. BUT YOU CAN IMAGINE how lovely this was. And on a parking garage! I thought - wow, what a lovely way to put happiness out into the world. It was totally unnecessary but therefore totally delightful. 

It made me think of this quotation:

What a splendid thought. Let us all look at our day today, and try to find the spot of magic. Or perhaps, like the people who own that parking garage, we can be the ones who add a dash of magic to someone else's day.

PS. Two of my bestest friends had birthdays yesterday. Happy birthday to both Emily and Angela! May this year bring you plenty of magic and happiness! Love love love!