Love Letters to LA

Everyone needs some love. Even big ol cities like Los Angeles.

Fearless LA is a church - and I don't know very much about them - but I love their graffiti message to Los Angeles.

It's particularly apropos because DTLA is going through a bit of a renaissance. For the first time in years, it is a destination. Restaurants, bars, stores, parks, and events have made it a happening - and safe - place to be.

Case in point - this graffiti is right by Angel City Brewery, a fantastic brewery in the Arts District (The Arts District! We have an Arts District!) that makes and distributes its own (delicious) beer. And just down the street is a hip arcade for adults called 82. Booze and Mario Brothers? Yes please! Walk a little ways and you're in Little Tokyo - full of restaurants, bars, and strange little shops full of items you didn't know you needed.

You walk a little further and you're at the Last Bookstore. Then the Grand Central Market. Then Perch. The possibilities are endless! There is so much to do there now!

(I clearly need to write a post - or two or three - on a Day Trip to DTLA. Look for that soon.)

Although I'm sure Fearless LA had other intentions with their guerrilla style marketing, a wonderful byproduct is recognizing and rebranding the new and improved downtown Los Angeles.

LA certainly was born for this. 

The entertainment capital of the world is finally ready to entertain its own.