Punch Drunk Love

Our 10 hour travel day across multiple time zones turned into an over 16 hour travel day, complete with a five hour layover in O'Hare. From a Pacific Standard Time perspective (aka the best perspective), we woke up at 1:30a and got home at 6:30p. Good lawd.

By the time we got home, we had gone through many cycles of happy, sleepy, punchy, crabby, and back again. But we made it home! Safe and sound! And we ate delicious Spitz and put on our jammies and sat on the couch and everything was perfect.

While recovering from a crabby spell on the plane out of O'Hare, I took a nap. (Or two. I sleep a lot on planes. And everywhere.) I woke up to find this delightful little guy smiling back up at me.

My husband wins at husbanding. He makes me happier than a Sky Mall model in a sequins bathing suit with a dog face on it.