Skeletor is Love!

ER.MAH.GERD. Have you guys seen SKELETOR IS LOVE yet?

The villain from He-Man has his own tumblr and facebook page where he shares positive affirmations with the world. Like this one:

From the Skeletor is Love tumblr.

Being a kid who grew up on He-Man and She-Ra, I cannot tell you how unbelievably happy it makes me to see the evil resident of Castle Greyskull embracing life in this manner. I subscribe to the facebook feed, and whenever Skeletor pops up with his profound positive affirmations, my whole day gets better.

Here's another one of my favorites:

From the Skeletor is Love tumblr.

The creator is Sarah Elizabeth. You can read a whole interview with her here on Popgun Chaos. But here's my favorite excerpt, on why she started posting these:
I found myself musing “ What if someone had given Skeletor more hugs, more encouragement, more love? Would he have chosen a different path, perhaps become a more compassionate, well-balanced sort of guy?"  I thought maybe someone should have let him borrow a book of affirmations, sort of like a “hey man, read some Louise L. Hay and get your head on straight” conversation.  It was this train of thought which led me to my sister who, as a mental health professional, actually has several of these types of books on her shelves.  I guess at that point I had a sort of “eureka!” moment.  Wouldn’t it be kind of hilarious, I thought, to pair some screen caps of Skeletor perpetrating some sort of villainy, along with some inspirational mumbo-jumbo?
It's not just hilarious, but strangely poignant and meaningful too! Be sure to subscribe to Skeletor Is Love on one of its many social media platforms...
Instagram: @skeletorislove
...and enjoy yourself as the positive affirmations roll in.

From the Skeletor is Love tumblr.