Spotlight on...Peach Tree Pottery and Their Art Show!

I wanted to share some info on an amazing small business here in Los Angeles that's having an Art Show this Sunday - Peach Tree Pottery!

Jen Davis at Peach Tree Pottery.
Peach Tree Pottery is an adorable pottery studio based in Venice. Whether you're interested in learning to throw or simply need a space and a wheel to work with, this intimate studio can give you everything you need!

Jen Davis is the owner of Peach Tree. A former Midwesterner (yay!), Jen graduated from Michigan State University with a BFA in Studio Art. Jen relocated to Los Angeles two years ago to help her aunt run the studio - and has now become full-time owner and manager!

Besides teaching classes (for adults and kids) and managing the space, Jen spends her time making both beautiful and useful pieces of art"I love how pottery combines both functionality and artistic value," Jen says. "I see students with analytical brains connect to the mechanics of the process, while someone's creative side can get lost in clay alteration and glaze technique."

Jen works with a student in PTP's studio space.
Jen said she finds the whole business to be quite therapeutic. "Whether throwing on the wheel or handbuilding, pottery is very meditative; I can't tell you how many people leave the studio saying, 'This is better than therapy!' I know that's what I use it for."

This Sunday, July 27, Peach Tree Pottery is hosting a Show & Sale from 11a to 3p. There will be loads of art for sale, yummy food, and live music! Plus, you can meet Jen and can check out the space to see if you're interested in throwing or taking classes there! "It's going to be a blast!" says Jen. "We have an amazing group of talented artists showing their work - five potters, a painter, a jeweler, and a textile artist. There will even be a tarot card reader!" And there's free street parking. (Basically the only thing Angelenos care about anyway.)

Peach Tree Pottery is located at 3795 Boise Ave, Los Angeles CA 90066. If you have any questions about the show, taking classes, or studio space, call Jen at (310) 567-2708 or email her at

And here are some final, rather inspirational words from Jen on the subject of pottery...
"There's something to be said in our digital age about an art form that doesn't allow for rendering or deleting with a simple click. I often say that pottery is a lesson in non-attachment, because there are many stages to the process, some less forgiving than others. But that's what's so cool about it - you don't always know what you're going to get."
Dang. If throwing pottery will make me that calm and introspective, then sign me up.

Hope to see you all on Sunday at the show!

Bud vases by Jen.
Birdhouse by Jen.

All photos courtesy of Peach Tree Pottery's Instagram (@peachtreepottery).