The Only Way to Describe this Happiness is with a GIF!

We're about to jump on a plane to Michigan - I'm so excited to see my family I cannot even stand it.

All this positive energy has to come out in some way...and that, of course, is in the form of GIFs!

You probably know what a GIF is, but just in stands for graphics interchange format, which is a bitmap image format introduced by CompuServe in the late eighties. Basically the format allows you to take a collection of images or frames and create looping animation.

PBS Off Book created a neat "History of the GIF" video that explains how a GIF went from being this cheesy thing that used to be the sign of a bad website (like those old flames, waving flags, and under construction signs) to being an art form.

(Link here:

My co-workers and I routinely attach GIFs to emails now, as a way to lighten the mood or express our emotions. We have epic exchanges where everyone responds with the perfect GIF to describe their feelings.

So with that, I give you a collection of GIFs on how I'm feeling RIGHT NOW, at the very start of my little mini vacation to see my family!

Positive Rdj animated GIF

Celebration Disney animated GIF

Andy Cohen Bravo animated GIF

Dancing Flashing animated GIF

Excited That Thing You Do animated GIF

Cats High Five animated GIF

Donald Glover Yes animated GIF

Cheering Doug animated GIF

Excited Godzilla animated GIF

Hope you have a great Thursday! And don't forget:
Happy Lovely animated GIF


new girl animated GIF