Through the Looking Glass: Morning Stress

Taken with my friend Angela at Little Flower Candy Co.
Oh heavens, I did not have a good morning, you guys. It was that sort of morning where everything went wrong - I woke up early to finish a work assignment and instead just felt exhausted, I'm getting sick, my outfit (which I've worn before and usually looks terrific) is wrong, I hit terrible traffic and was late to work, and my boss yelled at me for expressing my opinion.

Boo. Hiss.

But hey - some mornings are like that. I've got to shake it off. Which I'm trying to do. I'm trying to visualize what a better morning would be, so I can make it happen tomorrow (and as many days as possible after that). Immediately I think about last Friday, when my dear friend Angela and I walked to Little Flower Candy Co before work. We had some scrumptious scones and coffee and managed to exercise too! I came home, wrote a blog entry, and went to work. Now that's a good morning. 

(The pic above is from our trip to Little Flower. The quote is not, obvs. But it's one of my favorites from Alice in Wonderland - a great reminder to use your mornings wisely!)

I really truly believe that a good start to the day makes all the difference. I'm not harping on eating a well-balanced breakfast (though you should do that too) - I'm talking about emotionally having a well-balanced morning, to start your day right. For me, that's waking up refreshed, taking a walk, writing a blog entry while eating breakfast, and getting to work on time. 

It's so simple, and yet so often, I manage to let it slip through my fingers! So often I let my worries about the day overwhelm my morning and throw me into a tizzy. 

What are your mornings like? What do you do at the start of your day, to keep you happy, healthy, and well-balanced all day long?