Always #LikeAGirl (And That's a Good Thing)

You guys know me and pro-women commercials. I'm totally addicted (as evidenced here and here). Thankfully, there has been a plethora lately!

Here's my latest obsession - the new Always #LikeAGirl ad. They ask the question - what does it mean to do something "like a girl"?

(The link here:

It's FASCINATING to watch how adults respond vs. little girls. Little badass girls who don't yet know the negative connotations of the phrase "like a girl." A blog I read called Mommy Shorts wrote a great piece about this ad. Check it out here. Much like her, I got totally choked up while watching it.

I love that Always is putting this out into the world...because although it doesn't seem directly related to feminine products, it totally is. Women always feel ashamed about their bodies when they're on their periods. It's definitely one of the things that is considered "like a girl" in a negative way. And there's no reason for this! Menstruation is a totally natural thing that half the population has to deal with on a monthly basis. Why is it so taboo? Why is it so shameful?

Anyway, if you have daughters, watch this commercial and think about how to turn the phrase "like a girl" into a positive thing, something they should be proud of.

And even if you don't have daughters - let's all work to turn #likeagirl into something positive!