Let Whatever You Do Today Be Enough.

Advice my brilliant mother gave me while visiting this past weekend. The picture is from the beach just down the bluff from their house. I thought - man, if being here on this beautiful beach isn't enough, I don't know what is.

But now that I'm back in the real world, I'm already having trouble living it. I'm literally typing up this blog to advise all of YOU to do this, and I myself am not listening to my own suggestions.

(This is how this works, you know. I go through some anxiety-riddled moment, and then I post on the blog about how to not do that anymore. What you're reading is a time capsule of my psychosis. It's going to be a very helpful reference when I go to therapy someday.)

Anyway - I'm trying! I'm trying to take deep breaths and not feel guilty about, you know, everything and anything, and I'm trying to get through what I can get through on my to do list!

Because it's still a lot. And it's important to remember that.

I'm not Super Woman. And gosh, even Super Woman has bad days.

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