My Love-Hate Relationship With To-Do Lists

Thank you for the reminder, Pinterest. The last few nights I've been obsessed with my to-do lists...carefully writing and rewriting them...and when I'm not writing them, I'm thinking about other things I need to add to them...or feeling guilty for not doing the things on the list...

I have no one to blame but myself and my obsessive compulsive lists. I'm driving myself bananas.

So I wanted to make a list of all the wonderful things I did this week that were NOT on my to-do list. So I can remember the joys of experiencing life sans to-do's (but not without lists because that's impossible for me. I love them!).


  • Had a delicious dinner with Teira last night at a yummy Italian restaurant.
  • Watched multiple episodes of Veep, which I am loooooving.
  • Read my book on Edward Snowden. It makes me feel so educated!
  • Talked to my mom, dad, and sister on the phone.
  • Made multiple tasty (and healthy!) dinners with Brandon, using veggies and herbs from our garden to boot.
  • Talked to our dear friend Dr. Dave Miller on the phone.
  • Watched Drunk History, aka the greatest show ever made.
  • Took three walks, two by myself and one with the wonderful Angela.
All of this joy, and none of it was on my to-do list!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Although ticking some stuff off your to-do list this weekend will feel pretty good, try to spend some time away from it too...doing the things you love spontaneously!