One Begets the Other.

Make time to do the things you love this weekend.

Even though we have a lot to do - house hunting, starting to pack, and the usual weekend list of cleaning, laundry, and doing all the stuff we put off on weeknights - we are still going to take time for the happy!
  • I am still going to brunch with my dear friend Natalia. 
  • We are still going to the beach this weekend! Because we haven't been since May! (And we call ourselves Californians. FOR SHAME.)
  • And we are going to see friends. For meals or drop-ins or drinks or what-have-you...I'm not sure when or where, but we will see the people we love because there is always time for that.

Sometimes we let the stress of our lives get in the way of living our lives (and by sometimes I mean I battle with it every 35 minutes). So let's all try to remember that...if you're enjoying it, then it's good for you. Period.

No need to over analyze. No need to worry about how you shouldn't really have dessert tonight or you probably shouldn't sleep in because there's so much yard work or you should stop binge watching this TV show and go outside or you really shouldn't opt for the bottomless mimosa because there's so much you want to accomplish later...

It's OK.

Let yourself be happy once in a while. It's good for you.

Especially on the weekend. Have a great one - I hope it's happy!