Upsetting People is the WORST.

Last week I really upset a good friend of mine from work. It was a big bummer.

It's incredible how we strive, all the time, to be good people and not make waves, but sometimes, it's impossible not to.

Sometimes we are inadvertently mean. And ignorant of people's feelings. Because we're all living our lives, and we get stuck in our narrow view, focused on our own crap. Even if it's just for a few's in those moment that this stuff happens!

I think the most important thing to do in a situation like this is to assess it real good. Try to step back and look at things objectively. Give yourself, your behavior, and the situation a solid appraisal. And THEN...and this is the key, you guys...don't look at things objectively - only look at things from the other person's side, if you can.

That will force you to realize how rude or disrespectful you were, even if it was super totally mega unintentional.

And I really do think most of these things come from an unintentional place. Usually we don't mean to be jerks! So it's what we do AFTER we've caused inadvertent harm that is most important.

And almost always that "after" bit is just being honest. It's just telling this other person that a lightbulb when off and you've been clued in to how insensitive you were being. It's to apologize and take blame.

Don't over apologize - just be sincere. And then move on. Don't dwell or let this moment fester. Don't let it define the rest of your relationship. Move on! Hopefully the other person can move on too. You might need a week or so siesta from your best friendship or best co-workership, but you'll get back on track. Just give it time.

Anyway. It was a big bummer! Ugh, I hate making people sad. And I wanted to write about it because it's important to acknowledge that this stuff happens in our lives. That no matter how many rainbows we paint on our walls and positive affirmations we put on our phone wallpapers, there are still going to be moments where we feel like poop. OR where someone else has made us feel like poop. Because of something they unintentionally did.

My mom always says - everyone is thinking about themselves, just like you are. I think this applies to just about EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF LIFE. But it particularly applies when we get into arguments or moments of anger with friends, peers, and co-workers.

Remember, if you can, to take a moment, think about things from the other person's perspective, and you'll realize what's going on.

Or, you know, it's possible that person is totally cray cray and there's nothing you can do. But most likely there is something you can do to fix it. :o)

OK, now here are some happy gifs so we don't end today's post on such a somber note. (Besides everyone needs to see this one of Paul Rudd from Friends)

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