We're Moving!

Oh goodness, what a week! We found out at the start of last weekend that we have to move out of our house. Boooooooo.

We are renting. Our landlords used to live here but moved down to the OC for the husband's job. And now they need to move back in. Apparently we can't all live here together. (Um no, that would be awful.)

We have until November 1. We are desperately searching for a good house somewhere between Burbank and Pasadena. We have such a sweet little house now - it's a single family home with a huge fenced-in backyard. It's going to be hard to live up to this adorable place!

One of my happy mornings on my deck!
And we have so many lovely memories from this house. It was so great to have a place where we could entertain! Birthday parties, wedding showers, family parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, Oscar viewings....I love having a home I can welcome people into.

Not to mention all the smaller day to day moments we had here. The nightly dinners on our deck, the lazy mornings watching Chopped and making breakfast together, outdoor movies with friends or just the two of us...so much happiness!

I forgot what it's like to scour Craig's List for homes. Oh, and the application process is so competitive! People try to be the first ones to see a place, and then they put in an application like two minutes after seeing it. I can't imagine how painful and stressful it must be to BUY a house! I know that gets even more competitive with much higher stakes! (Our stakes are basically the application fee. $25 is much better than however much it costs to back out of a house purchase agreement.)

Here's the good news - we're excited to look for a place with some stuff this house doesn't have. Like air conditioning (especially after today which was, like, 99.billion degrees). And a garage. And maybe a lack of pavement in the backyard (cuz our backyard does have an excessive amount of asphalt). And perhaps three bedrooms? Do we dare try to get a place with three bedrooms? I feel like finding an affordable three bedroom house in LA is a little like finding a four leaf clover - it's possible but very rare!

But Brandon and I are feeling positive and lucky. So maybe we'll find it!

Have you ever been kicked out of your house unexpectedly? Do you have any good advice for weathering a move? Let me know about it!

PS. There are a LOT of amazing clover GIFs out there. Here are just a couple. Stash these away for next March.
Four leaf clover graphics
Four leaf clover graphics