Babies on Babies on Babies.

Here's the greatest news of all time ever (for me, anyway).

We're going to have a baby.

A baby! A real live human baby! I'm making one, right now, in my uterus! This is happening!

We are so excited. We are so unbelievably grateful. We are in awe of nature and the miracle of life and all of that stuff I thought was cheesy before but now makes so much sense because it's happening inside of me!

We're having a baby.

I'm over 14 weeks now. Done with that yucky first trimester and happily into my second trimester, full of more energy, less nausea, and a joyful appreciation of elastic waistbands. We've seen the baby via ultrasound three times now, and I'm finally convinced I didn't just make this up, this isn't just a figment of my imagination, there is a real baby inside of me, and it is healthy and growing in the most amazing way.

My husband's amazing announcement for social media.
We're big Back to the Future fans (like any normal Americans).

He or she is due March 10, 2015. We will find out if it's a he or a she toward the end of October. We are totally excited to find out - we want to know as much as possible about this little person! Brandon said today if he could find out his or her favorite color and musical preferences, he would. We just want to know everything we can.

I'm sure this means I'll end up blogging a bit more about pregnancy and parenting and kids and all sorts of baby things, which may make you more or less excited to read this blog, based on where you're at in your personal life. I promise not to let it totally overtake me - I promise to still post non-parenting stuff and talk about booze and coffee and roller coasters and parties and things like that (I mean, you know how much I love to blog about roller coasters).

But I do plan on sharing some of my thoughts and feelings on this whole shebang. I also want to get into some of my challenges and frustrations with infertility. I hate to even call it that because we only had trouble for 15 months, and I know many couples have much longer bouts with infertility. But regardless, it's important to discuss the emotions and experiences around the difficult process of conceiving so that people know it is normal and that you're not the only person who has ever felt this way.

So obviously this is a huge part of the crazypants stuff happening in our lives right now. If you're keeping track, that's two dead grandmothers (our last remaining grandparents on either side of our families), an eviction from our house, the resulting house hunt and eventual moving (BOO on moving), the birth of my sister's baby, a trip to help my sister and see family, and a major work deadline, all within weeks of each other. Good lawd, do we deserve a break.

(Brandon wants me to point out we also had a mouse in our house at this same time. So, you know, there was that too.)

As we've said to ourselves numerous times since the start of August, this crazypants time isn't all bad, not by any means. Obviously our baby and my sister's baby are delightful, wonderful things (and by things I mean people). Obviously the good will ultimately outweigh the bad. After all, moving pain aside, we're even excited about finding and moving into a new home that we've picked out especially for this little nugget baby. But it's just been a very up and down emotional time right now - and I'm already emotional! Pregnancy makes me cry AT EVERYTHING (as if I didn't before).

This too shall pass. In the meantime, I'm reminded of this delightful saying on this perfect mug my dear co-worker Natalia recently gave me:

Let us all remember that, even in our most crazypants of moments. We can get it all done! We really can.

We can even make babies. Beautiful, beautiful babies.

Baby Oropallo! In my belly! OMG!!!!