Learning From The Babies (or at least their snacks).

This week Brandon and I are in Chicago to help my sister with her babies. She already had a two and a half year old little girl, and she just had a second sweet little girl less than two weeks ago. We are thrilled to be here helping out. We are also terrified because we're like OH WOW THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HAVE BABIES.

This visit - and this sweet little niece - is part of the crazy emotional time in our lives right now. Thankfully, it's a GOOD part of the crazy. Seeing my sister with her children is such a terrific reminder of what's important in life. AND being here with my family is such a terrific reminder of what's important in life.

In other words, the people. They are what's important in life.

I'm learning all sorts of great lessons by watching my sister and by interacting with my nieces. Also, surprisingly, by eating snacks. Today I saw this on a bag of goldfish:

And I thought - well shoot. If THAT'S not timely, I don't know what is.

I can let myself get all stressed about everything happening in my life, or I can just relax and enjoy this wonderful, treasured time I have with my family. I choose the latter, thanks to XTREME, this goldfish-shaped cracker with mildly creepy brows.

I'll report in this week on other lessons and bits of advice from food products that I pick up. I can't wait to see what my niece (and the granola box) has in store for me tomorrow!