My New Favorite Everything.

This is my new favorite website.

This is my new favorite affirmation tool.*

This is my new favorite everything!


This Buzzfeed feature is a one-stop shop if you're in need of a quick pick-me-up in the form of an adorable baby animal and an uplifting affirmation. It's literally positive affirmation roulette. Thank you so much to my friend Katie for showing it to me!

Here are the three I got. I seriously could have just kept stopping and starting all day. (But my boss wasn't into that. Go figure.)

OMG. Has a truer statement ever been uttered by a kitten?

Oh! I would love to! I think corgi is my spirit animal now. Look at those little legs go.

But the best...the best, you guys...

And so are you, sweetest little duckling of all time ever. So are YOU.

Be sure to bookmark this bad boy and pull it up whenever you're having a rough day. AKA every Monday and Friday morning.

Have a wonderful weekend! We are pack-pack-packing all day, every day! Thank goodness this LA heatwave has passed. It will be a busy one, but we will take a few minutes out to see friends and celebrate the good stuff.

I hope your plans are running through flowers with your dog and nuzzling baby kittens and ducklings.

*It's my new favorite affirmation tool because it's the only affirmation tool I know of. Do you know other affirmation generators/tools? Is this a thing? Am I missing out? Send them my way!