Watch THE IDIOT TEST Tonight!

Brandon and I are gonna be on a game show tonight. Yes, it's true - a real game show!

It's called THE IDIOT TEST and it's on The Game Show Network. They are airing two episodes tonight - 9:00 and 9:30pm. 

We're the 9:30pm slot, y'all! Set your DVRs!

(Technically I think it's called The Idiotest, but I think that's pretty ridiculous so I refuse to write that. That's right, I'm being uppity about the name of the game show I was on in which my husband and I competed to find out how idiotic we are.)

The set of The Idiot Test! This is not a still from our show.
Brandon and I are none of the five of these people.

I can't really talk too much about it before it airs because we signed our lives away if we said anything. But please watch it and then I'll write all about it right afterwards. I think it's safe to say that we stood on this stage and answered questions from the host Ben Gleib. 

I think I can also safely say that my husband is hilarious because he is. He's so adorable and funny. I wish I was as quick witted as him. If my memory serves me correctly, I spent most of my time on stage giggling while he spent his time engaged in witty banter with Ben.

So tune in for giggles and witty banter tonight as we make our game show debut! It's gonna be fun (and mildly idiotic)!