For All The Planners of the World...

Oh my goodness. Do you ever lay down at night and think...this day....this day did not go according to plan.

It's not even that it went bad (not necessarily). It just simply did not play out like you thought it would. That one project took way longer than anticipated, that co-worker came and cried in your office for 1.5 hours, and then you went out for dinner and unexpectedly had a couple glasses of wine and didn't get home till 11p.

I mean I guess that's every day, though (not the wine drinking part...well...maybe some days before I was pregnant...ok let's be honest, every day before I was pregnant). We always have an idea for what our day will be, and then it gets away from us.

But all we can do is assess what's in front of us, make a plan for how to tackle it, and then be comfortable with real life jumping in there to tell us what's actually going to happen. We can't be disappointed by the reroutes and the change ups because hey - it's impossible to one hundred percent plan a day and make everything and everyone follow it. As much as we'd all like to force that on everyone (I'm thinking about very specific people right now. Especially my boss.).

I wonder if Tour Guides can do that? Can they make everyone do exactly what they want on the schedule they want? That sounds kind of great. What power! What authority! But who am I kidding - they probably have crazy derailments every day. The bus breaks down, or a person throws up at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or someone leaves their wallet at the last stop, or teenagers sneak flasks into the Louvre...(apparently this tour guide fantasy takes place France). And that's the way life goes. You make plans, and then they change.

All this being said, you can see why I straight up LOLed when my mom sent my sister and me this image at the start of this week:

HA. I seriously think I'm going to print it out and shellack it to the top of my laptop, so I see it at least 88 times a day.

Hope you all have fabulous totally-according-to-the-plan days!