The Best Baby Halloween Costumes!

Happy Halloween, everybody! We LOVE Halloween in my house. Even with our busy schedule the last couple months, we've still managed to buy pumpkins, hang decorations, watch scary movies, and drink lots of cider. Because I mean IT'S HALLOWEEN PEOPLE.

Also, Brandon is determined to live it up this Halloween because next year we will have a seven month old, which doesn't make the best party accessory, it turns out. They aren't into shots and late night dance parties! But it WILL be fun to dress the little dude up! Now Brandon can make two costumes a year, instead of just one! (Sometimes I think he just wanted to have children for this purpose)

In honor of my future adorable child, I've collected the cutest children's Halloween costumes I could find from the depths of the internet.

Enjoy - and have a great Halloween!


It's the curl - that's what makes it. Or is it the eyebrows? Or maybe the fact that he can't even sit up. 


It's not just that this costume is crazy perfectly accurate - that expression is to die for! I can't even!


Is it acceptable that this is exactly what I want my son to look like - a super adorable nerd of ambiguous ethnicity? No? I do think my son will be a nerd (god help him, just look at his parents), so at least we've got that part down.


Her expression is saying, "I learned to lift my head up for this? Fine. But the least you can do is get me some milk."


A. Gus Gus is the greatest Disney character ever.
B. There is nothing better than baby bellies.
C. She even nailed the shoes! They're perfect!


I recognize I have a Disney bias, but it turns out there's a reason why babies love Disney. Also, I LOVE the fact that Carl's old man walking frame can also double as a toddler's walking support.


TACO BABY, YOU ARE EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED. I love tacos, and I love babies. Also, I love that this kid doesn't even really know he's wearing this. He's just crawling around, minding his business, with a big ass taco on his back.


We can all just go home now, because BABY RUTH WINS. Hands down. Those glasses! That perfect expression! Oh my god. I love her so much it makes my heart hurt.

I hope your costume is just as heart wrenchingly adorbs as these kids' are. And I hope you have as much fun tonight as this cat: