We Moved! And I've Got TIPS!

Hi, all! Sorry for my radio silence for a bit there - we moved this past week, and it was just plain bananas. Big surprise, right? We all know moving is the worst. But we've come out the other side, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Sure, I've still got dirt under my fingernails and there's a box of pots and pans in the bathroom and I don't know where my underwear is and I'm afraid I gave Goodwill all our power strips. But on the plus side, I've located all the decorative glass bowls and we found a local Chinese food place we love that delivers!

Goodbye, Eagle Rock. Hello, Pasadena!
(OH! Amusing side note. When the yummy Chinese food got here, we discovered that our doorbell rings to the tune of I Wish I Was In Dixie. That's right, the Confederate anthem. Did you even know it was possible to get custom doorbell rings like that? Also, if you come over to our house, please just laugh at it and don't think we're trying to get Southern California to break away from the North.)

Anyway, while it's still fresh in my head...
I wanted to share some moving tips with you all.

Moving Tips Fresh Out of the Box:
  1. Clean your new house before you move in. 
    • I know you're thinking duh, Kara, but I say this because I only cleaned the bathrooms, and as soon as I moved in, I realized I should have given the kitchen a good hard scrub down as well. Now I have to do it around all our stuff. 
    • But I also realized it's pointless to clean the floors beforehand because big burly Russian moving men track in a lot of stuff (as do you and all your belongings). So just wait on the mopping, sweeping, etc until the movers leave.
  2. Pack clean sheets so they are readily available, and then make your bed right away.
    • This is a tip from my mom and grandma. They always say to make your bed immediately because you don't realize how, in about three hours (even if it's 6p), you are going to be dead tired and not want to do anything. That's what moving does to you! So get that bed situated as fast as possible.
    • I'm adding the note about sheets being readily available because a certain couple I know who just moved (I'm not naming names) could only locate a clean top sheet and had to settle for their gently used fitted sheet for their first night in their house. Not that big of a deal but who wants to make a bed a second time the weekend you move?
  3. Pack a bag of clothes for yourself for the couple days before, the couple days of the move, and the couple days of work right after.
    • Although it's helpful in the days just before, it's really helpful on the weekend you move and the Monday and Tuesday you have to go back to work. Because it's Tuesday morning at my house and I seriously have no idea how to get to any of my pants. 
  4. At the old place: spackle before you clean.
    •  You guys, spackling makes a mess. Like, as much of it gets on the floor as gets in the holes. So don't do what I did and clean the place you're vacating and then spackle. (And by "do what I did", please recognize I paid someone else to clean the house. I can't take credit for cleaning two houses this weekend.)
    • Also, my iPhone corrects spackle to sparkle. Wouldn't it be lovely to fill all the nail holes with sparkles?
  5. There's always more than you think. Take any offers for help that you get.
    • I know this seems obvious, but people were offering to help and we were like, "I mean really, what can this person do? We have movers! They are Russian! They've got this!" But there's always more STUFF than you realized. And there's always more STUFF TO DO than you realized. For example, sometimes you have to bring a couch in through a window because the doorway is too small. And you are very grateful your engineer friend insisted on helping. Or sometimes you forget you have a lot of outdoor furniture and didn't really think about how that counts as stuff you have to move (it's outside! I never look out there this time of year cuz it's too hot!), and you are grateful two of your best friends own trucks and are nice and helpful and willing to take alcohol as payment. 
So those are my tips, and by tips I mean lessons learned this past weekend. What are yours? We can all benefit from moving advice!

Thanks for your patience on my lack of posts, and I promise to post up more frequently now!

The start of something very promising!
(And I'm not just talking about the cable Brandon is problem solving.)