"I Forgot How To Make Friends" - Kim Manky.

Hey all! Check out this hilarious and sweet piece by my friend Kimberly Manky, featured on Darling Magazine:

I Forgot How To Make Friends.

Originally from Canada, Kim moved to England with her husband at 30. This piece focuses on the trials and tribulations of making new friends, of starting over in a new place, of learning how to talk to other people as an adult. It's so funny and so sweet and so true.

This is Kim and a delicious dessert.Yes, I stole it from Facebook.
She obviously learned a lot from her time in England because she is a whiz bang at making friends now that she moved to Los Angeles!

She's witty and goofy and super entertaining, which is why you should follow her on all of her social media platforms:

Twitter: @KimberlyManky
Facebook: Hold your Horses
And definitely check out her blog Hold Your Horses for weekly comedic musings.


PS. Turns out Kim just had ANOTHER piece published in Darling yesterday! It's called Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine? And it's just as sweet and funny, and coincidentally it also focuses on friendship. So enjoy that one too!