Don't Give Up on SNL!

You may have gathered by now that I'm a little obsessed with Saturday Night Live. The New Yorker recently published an interesting article on SNL called The Nine Lives of Saturday Night Live. You should check it out!

Ian Crouch is basically asking the question – is SNL relevant anymore? Do people still like it? And then he sort of answers himself by saying – I don’t know that we ever love it in its current state. We always love the previous incarnation. Each generation thinks, "This is the end of SNL, this cast is the worst cast, I miss the last cast..." and yet it has survived for 40 years.

Season 40! Dang!

It made me think a little about SNL – I have very deep ties to this show. We watch a lot of Saturday Night Live in our house. And I should say that in past tense too – Brandon and I both watched a lot of Saturday Night Live in our houses growing up. SNL is mixed in with some distinct memories from my life.
I clearly remember the first time I saw The Cheerleaders at Tara Wray’s house. She, Crystal Woolard, and I were in a Summer Theater Group, and we became obsessed with Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell. We started taping episodes and watching them over and over. They revolutionized comedy for us. (I’m sure the director of my theater group was thrilled with our attempts to apply our newly learned skills of comedy to that summer’s production of The Wizard of Oz.)
The news of Princess Di's death broke while my siblings and I watched Saturday Night Live in 1997. My brothers, sister, and I were gathered in our living room (or as we called it, the Nintendo Room), riveted – first to the show and then to the coverage. I think my parents finally made us go to bed at 1:30AM.
And now, watching SNL is Brandon's and my Sunday morning ritual – one that I absolutely love. There is nothing better than snuggling up with your loved one in your jammies, with a cup of coffee and some scrambled eggs, and watching Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon kill it sketch after sketch.

So I can’t imagine a world without Saturday Night Live. And I refuse to!
I recognize that this season is definitely a rocky one – we have a young cast, Colin Jost is a relatively new head writer, and the direction and production quality has been all over the place. But certainly this is not the end of Saturday Night Live, you guys! Already we've seen huge leaps and bounds in just the first half of the season. How great was the full Woody Harrelson episode, including the Swiftamine commercial? And in the Cameron Diaz episode, how much did you love the Backhome Ballers song, brought to us by this cast's all-star females?

Lil Baby Aidy, you are totes my favorite.
 These glimpses of brilliance prove to me that SNL has still got it. Certainly by the end of this season, these young folks will gel, or Lorne Michaels will bring in some new folks that kill it, or the writers will find the appropriate cultural chord that they seem to be searching for right now.
As Ian Crouch mentions, this has happened many times before, and Lorne Michaels has always managed to stay on the cusp, to reinvent as necessary.
I fully believe Lorne – and the show – will continue to do so! I hope you do too. Keep watching!