I Love Pinterest (and take it with a grain of salt).

I love Pinterest! It's my soothing end-of-the-night ritual to lay in bed and look through Pinterest. I look for inspirational quotes (as often seen here and on my Instagram) and crafts I'll never do and ideas for home décor and recipes I may or may not try and just sweet nice things that, you know, make me happy.

But I do recognize that Pinterest can be, just like all other social media, a place that sets unrealistic expectations for all the women of America. So I LOVED this hilarious article What Happened When I Lived According to the Pinterest Popular Page that Rachel Wilkerson Miller wrote for Buzzfeed.

Pinterest's version.
Rachel's version.
Rachel tries to live according to advice from the Pinterest "Popular" page for one full week. As to be expected, some things worked out...and some did not. Just like those Diet Coke brownies I made two years ago for Fourth of July (worst Pinterest recipe EVER; just ask all my friends).

I love Rachel's conclusion at the end of the article - I won't ruin it for you, but perhaps it's no surprise that I think it's very affirmative...for both people and Pinterest.