Last Chance To Get Your Christmas Fill!

In the few days before Christmas, I turn the celebrating up to eleven. I have to because...
A. Christmas is awesome and that's what you should do.
B. I think I get a little FOMO just before Christmas...there are so many good songs, movies, decorations, presents, and more out there...what if I miss something?!
C. I recognize that my time to do so is quickly coming to an end, and I've got to get it all in before I have to repress my Christmas spirit for another eleven months!

So in the spirit of both Christmas and FOMO, here are some fun links to keep you thinking about Christmas 24/7 until the clock strikes midnight on December 25.

From NPR's StoryCorps website.
Certainly you've all tuned in to the U.S. Military Santa Tracker to see where Santa is on Christmas Eve. What you probably aren't aware of is the adorable back story that accompanies this tracker, featuring the straight-laced Colonel Harry Shoup and a typo that gave out his secret government phone number. Thanks to NPR for this heartwarming piece!

This Christmas, spice up the after dinner party (or the waiting to open presents party or the alcohol has run out and I'm dying party) by playing some trivia with your family! My husband's trivia website, Puzzopallo, features loads of fun seasonally-appropriate trivia. My recent favorite is "Present Accounted For."

Another gem from my husband. It's a pretty funny video if you love Die Hard and Alan Rickman (which should be all of you).

From Buzzfeed's collection. I love how she just stands and stares at it.
Buzzfeed pulled together a collection of vintage Christmas ads that are hilarious and terribly sexist. Some of the Buzzfeed write-ups are a little silly, but the description for this one to the left made me laugh out loud. As the writer Brian Galindo says, "This is TWO Christmas gifts she apparently doesn't get to enjoy."

This opinion piece from Grantland is an ode to Darlene Love's beautiful rendition of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and how it is the Perfect Christmas Song. It also give's some nice back story on the song and the album, as well as highlights some of Darlene's performances on David Letterman over the years. Darlene performed it for the last time on Letterman last week, which actually brought tears to my eyes. Here's the original song because you obviously want to listen to it: