Life at 32 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm seven months, you guys. Seven months pregnant. OMG. 

This was more like 30 weeks, but we haven't
taken any pics since then. You can still get an
idea of the belly size here tho.
Also, Happy New Year, I guess? Keep it going!
It's basically all I talk about with anyone, and it's not just because it's on my mind all the time. It's because I have this big beach ball in front of me, and it's the obvious topic of conversation wherever I go. It's like when your friend buzzes his shoulder length hair or someone loses 40 pounds or your 60-year-old aunt brings a new boyfriend to Thanksgiving - it's too drastic to not discuss.

Not that I mind I's all I think about anyway. So I'm happy to discuss with whomever! (Seriously, anybody. Email me if you want to talk about pregnancy.)

Here's what's going on at 32 weeks pregnant:
  • People are really nice to you while shopping - both workers and fellow customers. I read somewhere to take advantage of this because people are way less nice to mothers with young screaming babies. Isn't that funny? A few months in either direction makes all the difference.
  • EVERYTHING makes you cry. Maybe this is just me because I cry all the time anyway. If you are kind to me or I see you being kind to someone else, I tear up. If someone cries on TV (like Ben and Tom on Parks and Rec last night), I tear up. If there's a baby near me, I tear up. If my team wins the National Championship (Go Buckeyes!), I tear up. 
  • Breathing is hard. I didn't think about the lung compression. I just feel bad for my poor husband - if I was a loud sleeper before, I'm positively noisy now.
  • I have clown lips. What I mean is, my lips and the skin surrounding them are crazy dry and therefore red. I seriously look like I'm wearing clown make-up. My friends try to tell me this is en vogue, but I know the truth, and I am not going to the circus anytime soon in case they try to steal me away.
  • The baby advice is everywhere. And not just the advice, but also the scolding! I was walking to my office yesterday morning with my mug of coffee and passed a lovely gentleman coworker that I like very much and he wagged his finger at me and said, "That better not be caffeinated." I was flabbergasted!
  • Apart from the unnecessary advice, people are really nice to you at work. 
  • But man oh man, am I over work. I have senioritis real bad! 
  • I feel like such a lame-o because the desire to stay in is extremely powerful. You're tired, it's hard to move, you have to go to the bathroom all the time - but these are your final moments of freedom and you should really get out there and enjoy it! There will be plenty of time to sit around in your pajamas watching Netflix after the little nugget is born (but let's be honest - you can never spent enough time sitting in your pajamas). 
  • But the good news is you have a built-in excuse for anything. Because it's not even an excuse - it's real! 
  • At least once a day someone says to me, "Are you sure there aren't two of them in there?" Ah, the twin joke! Always hilarious! Thanks for making me feel even larger than I already do! I think my new response will be to go white as a sheet and say, "Oh shit. Do you really think so? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!" And then run out of the room crying. 
  • But the best thing going on right now...I can feel a real baby inside of me, and it's phenomenal. I can feel his hands and his feet and his little butt...he's fully formed and moving around in there! The other night I felt his hiccups for the first time. He had hiccups! He's so real, and he's so close, and I cannot wait to meet him.
Even with all the crazy side effects, I still feel like Beyonce when I walk into a room. 

This belly is amazing, and this person inside is even better.