Resolutions are NOT Promises of Perfection.

Obviously I love resolutions. I love affirmations and inspirations and quotations and anything with a "-tion" on the end that makes me feel hopeful, positive, and happy about change.

And in January, so does everyone else! The start of the new year is always chockful of them. 2015! Here we go! There's a sense of renewed vigor, of greater purpose, of possibility. Let's set those resolutions! People are eating better, working out consistently, drinking less, reading more, etc. During these few weeks, we as a society collectively say, "You know what? We can do it all, if we just put our minds to it!"

The thing that bums me out - both for myself and other people - is the inevitable crash mid-month. The guilt you feel over having three chocolate chip cookies for dessert. The week where you only got to the gym once. The disappointment you feel after falling asleep to Chopped instead of reading every night, as you promised yourself. The massive to-do list you didn't get through this weekend because you went out drinking with friends instead (all three nights).

So, in preparation of that slump, here's what I say to you - nobody's perfect. And it's ok!

Don't mistake resolutions as promises of perfection. 

Do your thing - do the best you can - and give yourself a break. We're working to improve ourselves, not turn ourselves into robots. Keep trying...and keep trying all year long, not just in January. Don't give up just because you lost sight of your goals for a day or three.

Oh, and please - don't be such a jerk to yourself when you slip up! Treat yourself with kindness and understanding! Just like you would if a friend told you at the start of the night she was only going to have one glass of wine and by the end she had three and was polishing off yours. You would totally be like, "Girl, I love you and you deserve this and tomorrow you will go on a cleanse and everything will be great." So why don't you say that to yourself?

And stop comparing yourself to others. These are your resolutions, not someone else's! These are goals you set with yourself. What in the world does someone else have to do with those private, personal goals? Just do what's best for you.

If you need more proof/solidarity/a good laugh over how perfection isn't reality, check out It's Like They Know Us and Catalog Living. They will keep you laughing for days.

And now, as is my nature, here are some positive affirmations that will support your lack of perfection while still celebrating your desire to improve. Pin, print, screengrab, and reference as necessary this month!