A Lesson in Friendship and Respect.

Brandon showed me this comic from XKCD yesterday:

Isn’t that nice? (Man, I sound like my Great Aunt Mary. But I don’t care because she was a sweetheart.)

Seriously, what a nice sentiment. What a kind, gentle reminder to be accepting of other people’s interests, instead of getting defensive or judgmental about our lack of knowledge in them.

I think it’s pretty obvious that we are big sports fans in our house – Brandon loves college basketball, and we both love pro and college football (football’s over and I’m saaaaaad). But that doesn’t stop us from recognizing that this cartoon can apply to us on a range of other topics/interests, including but not limited to: skiing & snowboarding, having pets, playing musical instruments, rock climbing, brewing beer, golfing, hunting, knitting, going to concerts…the list goes on and on.
There’s a LOT of stuff out there that we don’t know about. That a lot of other people do! And Brandon and I are both guilty of writing these interests off as silly and not worth our time. Which is why he showed me this cartoon and said, “Let us try to be conscious of this in the future, so we are respectful of our friends and their interests.”

(By the way, is my husband adorable or what? I love him. He has such a good heart.)
So we are both vowing to be more respectful of the stuff our friends like that we don’t know much about. We are going to listen and learn and appreciate how happy it makes them.

The real question is, if supporting your friends as they watch sports means eating snacks…does that mean supporting other interests gets you snacks too?
Cuz let’s be honest. At this point in my pregnancy, I’m kind of just in it for the snacks.

PS. If you want to learn more about XKCD, go here or here. This guy is super smart and posts funny little cartoons every day. He also wrote a great book called What If in which he answers ridiculous questions with real, scientific answers. I got it for Brandon for Christmas (go me), and he loved it!