You guys! First Lady Bonus Footage to add to yesterday's post!

First Lady Michelle Obama and Big Bird guest starred on a special edition of Billy On The Street (basically my favorite TV show of all time; for more info and tons of great clips, go here)!

It's all part of Michelle's master plan to get kids eating more fruits and vegetables. In an effort to make them more appealing to bebes, she got Sesame Workshop to agree to let the growers of the Produce Marketing Association use images of Sesame Street characters on their packaging without paying a licensing fee. Which is AWESOME (More details here). I can tell you from experience that my niece loves anything with Elmo on it, and surely that would include a container of blackberries.

Anyway, enough on how Michelle Obama is amazing and changing the world...see for yourself how great she, Big Bird, and Billy are in this clip!

(Note: it's kind of long, but it's so worth it. Billy does a lightning round with Big Bird at the end that may be the greatest thing I've seen so far in 2015.)