Happy First Ladies' Husbands Day!

I decided to celebrate Presidents' Day by recognizing all the badass women who stood next to them. Let's hear it for the First Ladies!

(I must level with you and tell you I also celebrated Presidents' Day by sleeping in, going out for brunch, and hanging out on my couch. Yes, I did do First Lady research, but I also paid tribute to our forefathers and mothers by wearing pajamas most of the day.)

SO many of the First Ladies have fantastic legacies...they all had their unique political initiatives, their individual effects on history, and a surprisingly deep impression on cultural topics, from motherhood to fashion to feminism. You should really check out the First Ladies miniseries C-Span put together. And even if you don't want to watch all the individual episodes (which are airing again starting in April), this website has individual bio pages with loads of videos and whatnot for each First Lady.

Obviously I'm most into the quotes and beautiful words these inspiring women have left behind. So I collected a smattering of affirmations for you this morning, direct from the White House's better half.

And one more from Hillary because she's the best:

(If you need more, that C-Span website has a collection of quotes per First Lady that's really easy to peruse called "In Her Own Words." You better believe I'm gonna be mining that website for a while to get my affirmations!)