N.E.S.T.I.N.G. (Alternate Title: On the Verge)

You guys, I'm on maternity leave!

Maternity leave pre-baby is the best. I'm so lucky to live in California (and work for a kind company) where I'm allowed "pregnancy disability" prior to the baby's birth. It means I get a couple weeks to myself before he comes. Everyone is like, "You should rest! You should see people! Watch movies! Go out to dinner! HAVE FUN!" And sure, I'm trying to do these things. But this is also when those hormones that cause nesting are at their crazy peak. And I have turned into a NESTING MACHINE.

No concierge means you have to take your
own pictures. #ikeaselfie #38weeks
I wish Amazon, Target, and Ikea had fancy concierge people that helped out big spenders (you know, like in Pretty Woman and stuff) because good LORD I would be surrounded by valets and personal shoppers and people offering me tea and cookies for the amount of money I've dropped in these stores recently. But apparently these establishments don't do that sort of thing. I have had the same cashier at Target a few times, so we are on friendly terms now. That's nice! (Her name is Deborah.)

(Poor Brandon. As much as he's excited to meet his son, I think he's just as excited for me to stop buying things. But bless his heart, he knows better than to question any purchase I'm making right now.)

I'm also very lucky in that I have a big sister and lots of friends who have had children and are offering me great advice on what to buy. Because of this, I don't feel like we're crazy over-purchasing (again, I'm sure Brandon would beg to differ), but there are some instances when I've bought, say, two diaper creams because I want to be prepared in case this little guy is a diva who only likes the expensive Burt's Bees stuff instead of the big Aquaphor tub. Fingers crossed he's into low-brow material goods but high-brow intellectual pursuits.

Sneak peak of the nursery. It's coming together!
(And by "coming together", I mean I've taken stuff out of boxes!)
The desire to nest is also affecting the mental side of my to do list. For example, this week I finished our taxes, wrote a bajillion thank you notes, paid all our outstanding bills, and cleared out my email inbox. And of course, it's affecting this blog!

From a blogging standpoint, I'm creating a backlog of stuff I can put up for the first couple weeks when we have no idea if it's day or night and we can't remember the last time we showered. But please know my posting may be a little erratic after he arrives. I swear it's not you - it's me. I'll still try to Instagram often.

And I'm sure I'll end up writing more about parenting afterwards, but I promise to stay focused on positivity, feminism, the film industry, and all that jazz. I'm not changing me or my interests. I'm just...diversifying! Growing more multi-faceted!

Anyway, thanks for rolling with the changes that may hit the blog (and will definitely hit me) in the next few weeks. I'm thrilled you are reading, and I don't want to let you down! But I also don't want to let this sweet, adorable, over-seven-pounds-already chunk of a baby down either.

So we will figure out our new life balance together. You, me, and the baby.

And Brandon.

And my favorite Target cashier, Deborah.

PS. This is our birth plan, by the way.