Three Bits of Positivity

1. From my brilliant sister, Morgan. She's only 20, and she's already good enough to get into Bartlett's (side note, will someone buy this for me sometime please?). Morgan's had a rough couple of weeks, but she's focusing on the future - and the positive!

BTW, are you following me on Instagram? @thatsanaffirmative

2. Hearkening back to yesterday's Amy Poehler love fest, here's a link to an Amy interview where she talks a bit more about treating your career like a bad boyfriend. #butiwantamyasmygirlfriend #swoon

3. My lovely friend Julie sent me this essay "Let's" written by a man who just became a dad to a little boy. I read it twice and ugly cried both times. It's beautiful and wondrous and perfect. I hope to write something as joyous and tender for my baby. I hope to BE this kind of parent to my baby. 

Have a great day!