And Then There Were Three.

He's here. Jack Vincent Oropallo.

The best.

He is my heart. He is my joy. He is the best parts of Brandon and me in the most beautiful package imaginable. 

Jack was born Tuesday, March 17 at 10:32p. (Contrary to popular lore, a small leprechaun does not deliver children born on St. Patrick's Day. I know, what a bummer, right?). He was 21.5 inches long and a hefty 8lb 15oz, so perhaps it's no surprise to you that his head was cone-shaped and slightly bruised when he arrived. He is very healthy except for a serious case of jaundice (I'll write about that in another post sometime), and even that is on the mend. And I'm also feeling pretty good, all things considered! But that's another post or twelve too - a mother's journey from labor through the first week of her child's life. Whew!

You guys, this kid is amazing. Jack is kind, calm, and so so easy to be with. His little face lights up the room. He talks constantly, just like his parents. He rarely cries, but he makes us cry all the time because he is so perfect in every single way. Ok, ok, it's mostly because we are big saps who haven't slept very much in a week. Brandon and I tried to sing him Be My Baby and ended up dry heaving into each other's unshowered shoulders with Jack mushed between us. It was fantastic. What a song. What a baby!

I can't wait to share more photos, stories, opinions, and love with all of you on the wonders of motherhood and the joy this little man brings me. But for now, I'm going to try to keep my kid - and myself - alive. That's the goal this week!

Yes, we're super overwhelmed. But we're also having the time of our lives. I am so so happy. 

More soon! XOXO!

Someday I'll post a pic that proves he can open his eyes.