Bits & Bobs for a Happy Friday!

Happy almost weekend! Supposedly today is going to be warm and sunny across much of the nation. I'm so excited for my Midwestern family members who have been cooped up in the sad, grey cold for the last few months. Hooray for you guys! (Nobody tell them that it's going to be 90 here in Pasadena today.) Also, did anyone see Jim Gaffigan's bit on Night of Too Many Stars about living in the Midwest? Oh so funny!

Regardless of your geographic location, make sure you get outside during your lunch break today and soak up a few minutes of that vitamin D (But don't, like, burn or anything. Be responsible.).

If you're anything like me, all this happy sunshine and blooming flowers and springy greenery outside makes you not want to work. Like at all. Like real bad. So I'm here to provide you with a bunch of Friday Fun Day Bits & Bobs to fully distract you (And maybe educate you! But let's be honest, mostly entertain you.). Don't tell your boss about any of this, ok? Don't even tell her about me at all.

Bits and bobs for you...

  • Did you know that most of Hollywood's screenwriters used to be women? Check out this neat fact sheet from Buzzfeed. 
  • Remember the hilarious PSA for Bitchy Resting Face? I loved (and still love) it. But found this clip from the 1972 Academy Awards that turns the concept of Bitchy Resting Face on its head. These women all look like badasses, not bitches! 
  • If you're a mom and you're feeling super overwhelmed right now, check out this pitch perfect essay by Kate Baer called When You Are Tightly Wound. You'll feel understood, you'll feel less alone, and you will want to read Kate's blog every day.
  • The amazing artist/writer/producer Maia Weinstock wants LEGO to better represent positive female role models in their playsets, so she does cool stuff like create the women of the Supreme Court in LEGO form!
  • A post from Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess's blog went viral this week, and you can see why - she has finally found the perfect way to describe the concept of sexual consent. She says all you need to do is replace the word "sex" with "tea", and you'll get it. Read about her hilarious and appropriate extended metaphor here!
  • Lastly, I just started watching Broad City and it's blowing my mind! (The first season is free to stream with Amazon Prime!) I'm crushing on Ilana and Abbi hardcore, so of course I loved this Smart Girls at the Party Interview my friend Maurissa sent me. It's Amy Poehler (also a producer on the show) asking all sorts of great questions, and Ilana and Abbi giving all sorts of inspiring answers!
Have a great weekend! I'll just be here, doing my best to have a baby (three days overdue!).