Positive Leadership.

I recently saw this image by Noel Shively. And I fell in love with it.
Sorry if you saw this on my Instagram already and you're like - UGH KARA, stop
double dipping already. But it was just so inspiring, I had to write about it too.
First of all because I love good design and typography. But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, because the message is such a good one. Now, granted, I probably think this because it's how I lead. Hehe. There's definitely some personal bias here.

But so often I get push back in the work place for being positive or trying to flip a situation around. People think I'm being unrealistic and naive. They think I'm not properly evaluating what's going on or that I'm not aware of the "high stakes" at hand. Because people like to wallow. And focus on the negatives. And be dramatic.

I'm not being naive. I'm not totally ignoring the bullshit. I am actively weighing out the situation and arriving at a positive solution - or at the very least, the most positive solution available. I am choosing to focus on the positive. I know our boss is a dick. I know we're in this situation because he overreacted. But it is what it is, and wallowing isn't going to make it any better. It's better to pull our big boy pants up, get the work done, and enjoy what we can.

And what is that? What is there to enjoy? Well, I'm glad that he didn't hate everything we did - at least a couple pieces are safe. And although we have to work late, at least we're ordering dinner from our favorite place! Also, he overreacted because his family is going through some drama right now, so at least we know it's not really about us. Plus, let's be glad we're not going through the same shit he is. Phew.

And, ultimately and most importantly...this is but a blip on the radar of life. Yes, it's something of an annoyance for this evening. But will this matter in five hours? Five days? Five years? Probably not. So why waste the energy being so upset? You can say I'm blissfully ignoring the facts at hand, but I say I'm just rising above it.

Ok, ok, enough of me talking about how I do everything right and I'm a great leader. I didn't mean to sound like that. I simply wanted to take a moment to explain my leadership style because I think I sometimes get written off for being positive and happy most of the time. Now, I do think it's important to note that this style doesn't always work - sometimes things are so crappy that day that there's not enough sugar coating in the world to make the situation better. So it's not like this is an all-or-nothing situation.

But what is, when it comes to leadership? Leadership is about constantly adjusting - your attitude, your position, your level of candor - according to the people and the situation. It's not ever "well, this is how I do things, so get used to it." Maybe it is in the military or in hospitals or perhaps a convent (I just watched Sister Act. It holds up!). But not in the places I've worked.

So. All I'm saying is - as often as I can, I lead with a positive attitude. And I think it's pretty cool that Noel Shively made a pretty image that supports that.

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