#TBT Cuz I'm Adorbs.

Remember when you were five and you didn't give two hoots about what anyone else thought of your clothes/outfit/toy choice/hairstyle/level of cleanliness?

(Except for the cleanliness. Let's stay clean while we get back to that.)

Take it from this little girl - I was sorely naive of social norms until about 12 years old, and that naivety made me the happiest, kindest, silliest, most free-spirited person ever. Because I was like that for so long (so much longer than most kids nowadays, which is sad), I can still remember how it felt. And now I'm trying to rediscover and rekindle that sense of blissful, unapologetic happiness. That sense of self. 

Have a serious #ThrowbackThursday of your own - go back and check out your adorable baby pictures. Remember what life was like before you had any self-awareness, before you realized other people's opinions mattered (do they?), before you had to pay dem billz (I shuddered after I wrote that but I'm not deleting it). 

I know, it's not like we're all going to suddenly throw off our cloaks of responsibility and adulthood. But it's worth thinking about, isn't it? It's worth injecting a little of that childhood happiness into our current lives. 

Exist to be happy, not to impress.

I'm going to start by drawing stars around my eyes this afternoon. Let's see what the Trader Joe's employees think about that.