Time to Induce!

And I AM huge, you guys. I really am.
Today is the day! We're starting the process of extracting this child from my womb, whether he wants to come out or not. (He does. He just doesn't know it yet. He's going to love it out here. He's going to have so much fun!)

Technically tomorrow is really the day, but they start administering the medicine tonight. I'm going to talk about it a little here because I want this post to be a resource to people who are on the path to induction. But if you aren't interested in reading about medical stuff and labor and some of my inside body parts, I totally understand. Just skip this post for today! Wednesday's blog will be back to my regular topics of discussion. 

I've been super happy with my doctor's input on all of this because, although she's open to medical intervention, she generally wants things to be as natural as they can be (or should I say, as the baby will let them be). In fact, she usually lets babies go up to two weeks past their due date (if everything appears healthy in the mother's uterus), but we were both a little worried in my case because this baby is already massive and I'm a pretty small person. She and I would both like to avoid a cesarean, if we can.

Some people want to avoid inducing overall. I'm very happy we're inducing at this point because I truly was worried about him getting too much bigger. Something I didn't tell the doctor is both my mother and sister have had cesareans. I didn't tell her this because technically there is no medical or scientific reason why my family having cesareans would make me more prone to a cesarean (my super smart OBGYN aunt told me so). I didn't want to cloud my doctor's judgment or plant seeds in her head. But it's definitely a concern I have...I mean, both my mother and sister did the whole super-long-20-hour-labor thing that resulted in the doctor saying, "Well, this baby just doesn't want to come out naturally, so we gotta take her out another way." I recognize this is a very real possibility for me, and if it's the way it goes, it's the way it goes. I have to do what's best for the baby's health...and mine too! But gosh, you want to avoid it if you can, right?

But as I said, my doctor has been all about listening to my body and doing what's best for me, so I'm glad we arrived at a similar place on this induction business and share a similar stance on c-sections.

So tonight I start a medicine - a "ripening agent" that is a little less intense than the commonly used Pitocin. (Pitocin is the synthetic form of Oxytocin, which is the hormone in your body that usually starts your uterus contracting and sends you into labor. Some people really don't like Pitocin while others swear by it. Here's a good blurb on the pros and cons of Pitocin.) I go to the hospital and they give me a pill every four hours that is supposed to make my cervix dilate and get some mini contractions going. The hope is that this mini jump start is enough to send my body into labor naturally. 

So Brandon and I will check into the hospital around 8p and just hang out through the night. We will be watching a lot of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and House of Cards and hopefully sleeping a little bit too. And then at some point, it would be nice if I started going into labor!

But there's a high chance that won't happen...in which case tomorrow morning (a week after my due date) they start me on Pitocin. I'm not sure what happens after that. Well, I mean to say there are a lot of paths after that, and we will just have to wait and see which way this baby (and my body) want to go.

One week ago. My belly now extends
all the way to the street.
But obviously the end game is WE HAVE A BABY BOY. A beautiful little baby boy who will probably be born on St. Patrick's Day. We've been debating whether this is the most awesomest thing for him ever or whether he will hate it. I think he's going to be such a positive little guy that he'll be happy no matter what. And I mean, he's at least going to love it in college, right? :o) 

These last couple weeks surrounding the baby's due date have been surprisingly hard emotionally and physically (every mother ever is saying "Yeah, duh, what did you think it was going to be like?"), so today is just a big old sigh of relief. I am SO EXCITED to get this labor process underway! I cannot wait to get this eight pound (or more!) bowling ball out of my gut.

More importantly, I cannot wait to hear my doctor say this little guy is healthy and everything is ok. 

MOST importantly...I cannot wait to meet my son.  

I cannot wait to touch his little fingers and toes without the barrier of my belly between us. I cannot wait to learn everything about him...to discover what makes him happy, where he's ticklish, what soothes him to sleep. I cannot wait to give him a million nicknames. I cannot wait to see his beautiful eyes, which will surely look just like his father's. I cannot wait to rub my nose on his super chubby belly and inhale his perfect scent. I cannot wait to introduce him to all of our - to all of his! - loving family and friends, who want nothing more than to make his world perfect.

And perhaps most of all, I cannot wait for my husband to get to know this little boy in the way I have so intimately over the last few months. I cannot wait to see my husband hold his beautiful son. 

Oh! I'm just crying all over the place as I write this. Thank God I didn't go to a coffee shop this morning. There is nothing more awkward than a 41-week-pregnant woman sobbing to herself over her vanilla latte.

I'm forward-scheduling some blogs for this week and next that have nothing to do with babies or my cervix or my emotions on motherhood. I think we all need a break from my hormones. But I will post an update with our bouncing baby boy whenever I can in the next week or so! 

And now I'm off on my last ditch cleaning crusade. My mom and stepdad arrive on Thursday, and this is my last chance to clean those bathrooms and change those sheets. As if they'll have eyes for anything other than their new grandson. 

As if any of us will ever care about anything other than this little nugget ever again.