Your Wednesday Pick-Me-Up.

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is ah-mah-zing. 

Even if it isn't, this is:

This perfection courtesy of
That's right, has a collection of Cats That Look Like Male Models. You must check it out because they are all dead on. And also because - cats! And male models!

Maybe I'll even frame one? How do you think it will go over with my husband if I hang this over my desk at home?

This intense, wet emotion courtesy of
If your week is particularly lame, check out these other gems from Sad and Useless, including Vince Vaughn and his co-stars from Unfinished Business parodying stock photos (GENIUS) and Nicolas Cage as everyone ever (I LOLed. I really did.).

It's hump day - you're almost there! You're practically done! It's just a gentle downhill slope to the weekend from here. Print out some cat pictures and make yourself feel better.

(Special thanks to my buddy David Prescott for sharing these lil kittens with me!)