Back At It. I Hope!

So last week I didn't get any posts up. This is for two reasons:

A. I finally ran out of the posts I wrote pre-baby. 
B. It turns out babies take up a lot of time. 

I'm trying to carve out snippets of time here and there to write. I'm trying to learn how to blog from my phone. I'm trying to create a new routine cuz my old one done got blown out of the water (in the best way possible, of course). 

So thanks for putting up with me as I figure out my new life and, specifically, new ways to balance everything in it. For the record, I have been doing a LOT of Internet perusing while nursing and I have found a TON of links, topics, and thoughts I want to share with you. So let it be known I'm thinking about you a lot, dear readers. I just haven't gotten my post baby shit together yet. 

Speaking of, here are some the great things I've come across at 2:30a in the morning that I must share with you:

This 100-year-old woman has great advice for everyone, particularly young women. She is super saucy and I super love her.

Here are 14 inspirational quotes from celebrities on women and equality.

This is me as a Barbie (except for maybe the body proportions).

An obituary for the death of hope for a female late-night host.

A pregnant newscaster in Canada gets hate mail for her maternity clothes, and she addresses it on-air.

Sarah Thomas is NFL's first full-time official! It's about time!

A hilarious fake scene from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory after Grandpa Joe & Charlie leave the house...and Mrs. Bucket confronts the other grandparents about laying around in bed all the time.

A mom takes amazing pictures of her daughters for a series called "Strong is the New Pretty."

The brontosaurus IS BAAAACK.

From Cup of Jo (aka my favorite blog ever), here's 20 career tips for female entrepreneurs.

Have a great week, and I hope to be back on here more regularly! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these links!

Basically this is what my mind looks like right now. WAIT NO...
THIS is what my mind looks like. MOTHERHOOD WOOOO.

PS. Go here for more amazing gymnastic fails turned into gifs.