Prepping for a Newborn - What to Buy (and What NOT to Buy!)

My sister's sister-in-law, Trish, is having a baby in June!

Hooray for Trish. Hooray for new moms!

She asked if I had any recommendations on what to buy - or what not to buy. And while I am certainly not an expert on babies, I can definitely tell her - and you - what is working for us. And for Jack, the most beautiful, perfect baby ever.

Let me be clear - I have only been doing this whole mom thing for three weeks. So please take everything I say with a grain of salt. In fact, mothers with more experience - please comment below with your thoughts on these items (or others!).

Ok, enough with the caveats - here's my list of DO's and DON'Ts when it comes to purchases for that little bundle of joy that will soon be pooping his or his way into your loving arms!
Here's my little hunk on a portable changing pad.

DON'T buy fancy covers for your changing pad. I registered for (and received) super cute ones and guess what? They aren't waterproof! So those lasted a day. Try something like this or if you must have your cute cover, something like this that can lay on top of it. We have four to six of each of these that we can cycle through (and we cycle through many each day due to poop and pee missiles). Which leads me to...

DO set up a second changing area in your family room so you don't have to travel to change his or her diaper all the time. I know "travel" sounds silly but when you're changing a diaper every 45 minutes (or every 15 minutes, as the case may be), you'll be happy to have all supplies in a basket nearby. AND you can use one of those waterproof pads I mentioned above. (This pro tip is from my sister!)

DON'T buy lots of newborn clothing, if you think your baby is going to be eight pounds or over. It will only last the first three weeks or so. Then they enter into that weird between-newborn-and-three-months stage. But you'd rather have your baby in slightly loose 0-3 month clothing than too tight newborn clothing!

Regarding clothing - mostly you want onesies (short AND long sleeve), pants, and sleepers. And some socks and mittens and hats (after all, one mustn't forget to accessorize!)

DO buy wipes in bulk. 

DON'T buy Honest diapers (sorry, Jessica Alba). I know they are super cute and supposedly good for your baby, the environment, and Jessica Alba's bank account, but they don't work well. It's such a bummer! I really wanted to use them! They don't absorb that well (Picture pee shooting out the top of the diaper at my husband. Or don't. I understand.), and they don't have a wetness indicator if the baby has gone to the bathroom or not. I know an indicator doesn't seem that important, but it REALLY matters if you're trying to decide whether to wake a sleeping baby or not. 

DO buy the diaper of your choosing with an indicator strip. We love Pampers Swaddlers, but they aren't the most eco-friendly. This website does a great comparison of 24 types of diapers...maybe I'll try their Editor's Choice diaper - Bambo Nature. The only worry I have is they rank Honest Company diapers kind of high, so maybe they don't really know what they're talking about.

While we're on the subject of disposables, DO become an Amazon Prime member. Also, in case I haven't made it clear already - you cannot have enough changing pads, burp clothes, or wipes. You just can't. Buy them up. Buy them ALL. (For burp clothes, I should clarify - you only need to buy cloth diapers. Don't worry about getting fancy burp cloth thingies. The Gerber cloth diapers are cheaper and work the best.)

Bjorn-ing at the Pasadena Farmers Market.

DO buy a Baby Bjorn, and try to put the baby in it soon, to get him or her used to it. I put Jack in at three weeks, and he loves it. But my friend Emily waited too long and her daughter haaaated it and she was never able to use it.

DO have a place for the baby to sleep in your family room. My sister uses the Pack n Play, and I use the Rock n Play.

DO buy a Rock n Play. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. It's what our baby sleeps in both day and night, and it's where I put him when I have to go to the bathroom/take a shower/do anything and want to make sure he's secure. It's super comfortable but also super portable. Here's the one we have.

DO register for things you will need later down the line, including clothes (we do not have enough six months to a year stuff) and toys (like a Jumperoo or a Bumbo).

DON'T buy fancy diaper creams. Just use Vaseline or Aquafor. It's what's best for them anyway.

DO get Dr. Brown bottles, if/when you plan to bottle feed. They help prevent gas and slow down the baby's drinking to alleviate indigestion. 

DO buy Avent Pacifiers, if you're planning to use pacificiers. They are perfect for newborns. 

If you're breastfeeding, DO buy a MASSIVE water bottle for yourself because OMG you get sooooooo thiiiiirrrrssssttty.

DON'T buy too many snap-up sleepers/pajamas because man, are those snaps hard to navigate when you're sleep-deprived. May I recommend buying jammies with zippers (this tip courtesy of our friends, the Saccentis). The Circo brand at Target zips from the foot, so you don't have to undress your baby as much to change the diaper.

DO invest in some swaddles or sleep sacks. We are partial to the Summer Infant SwaddleMes.

Jack's favorite toys (at three weeks old).
Also, Jack loves this book and this moose. They are great for newborns. Thanks, Julie and Mary, respectively!

OVERALL just remember that you need to figure out what works for you and the bebe. So it's ok to wait and purchase stuff after he or she arrives (which you will do, no matter what). And it's ok to over-purchase and then return. And it's ok to be wrong and be annoyed with yourself for spending $20 on something it turns out you never use (hey, you can always donate it!). 

So hopefully some of this stuff that works for Jack and me will work out for you and yours! Good luck!

PS. I'll be sure to update this list as Jack gets older! We'll see if it all holds true.