Shut Up & Dance.

I know I have oodles of post partum hormones coursing through my veins, but I don't think it's the baby feelings talking when I say I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO MUCH.

This is no April Fools joke (though it would be sort of awesome if I Rick Rolled you, wouldn't it?). It's a compilation of dance scenes from movies. So what's not to love? The song is super catchy, the message is happy, everyone is dancing, and it's all of my favorite movies of all time. (Except maybe Jurassic Park. Oh, how I wish Jurassic Park had a dance number in it! Maybe Jurassic World will fill this hole in my heart?)

It's also very well made - the clips are perfectly timed and flow seamlessly into each other. One of the best supercuts I've ever seen! The youtube user MsTabularasa uploaded it, and it appears she has some other fun supercuts as well, including, Life Lessons from Barney Stinson and Crying Actors Compilation (although the latter isn't really that fun unless you're feeling a little punchy. Then you get a case of the giggles about halfway through).

Hope this makes your day like it made mine! ie. I hope you watch it 32 times in a row!

PS. Here's another terrific supercut of the overused movie line "You just don't get it, do you?"